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Music has a vital part to play in the life of youth today and it always has. We have numerous young adults and urban kids from various backgrounds who are choosing being stars as careers. It has become very easy to copy your favorite stars with the age of today’s technology. We have teens who are spending numerous hours trying to learn and understand programs like Final cut, Adobe Photoshop and Pro Tools. These teens have become well versed in internet promotion and marketing through the aid of social media. The thing is that majority of these kids are not aware of the skills they now possess. They do not understand that by becoming experts in Photoshop that anything included in Microsoft Office like Powerpoint, Excel or Publisher would be easy. They are not aware that by learning how to edit their own music videos, they are building skills that can help them work in a broadcast company. Instead, they are utilizing their skills without assistance. Creating videos with money, guns and drugs.

At Elevation Youth, our desire is to guide and educate youths who are interested in the arts how to dream and work towards having a career simultaneously. Provide them with practical training with the aid of experts in the marketing and multimedia fields. We would like to carry out crash courses, summer and afterschool programs to aid in unveiling the potential of students utilizing something they are interested in to move to similar fields they do not know about.
At Elevation Youth, Our students will be taught to create their personal television show which will be broadcasted on our channel CTN owned by the local community. They will be taught to produce, record, market and write music. We are of the believe that showing an individual something that they produced will motivate them to produce more. We desire the kids to use what they learn to get to the next level by motivating them to continue their education.


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